Hi, I’m Janelle

Janelle Huopalainen is a media content producer and filmmaker, and a graduate of Capilano University’s Documentary Production program. Since graduating in 2011, Janelle has filmed documentaries, weddings and special events, produced shorts screened at festivals, created content for web and edited for television. She has followed her passion of surf filmmaking to Tofino, and capturing the beauty of the rugged coast has grown her love for adventure filmmaking. Janelle has a love for non-fiction film and sharing the stories of real people. She can often be found filming nature, shooting in the surf or holed up in her edit suite.



I have spent nearly a decade working as a professional editor for video in web, television and documentary and short film.


Since I was very young I enjoyed creating stories about characters as a way to process the events of my own life. Now I enjoy sharing my stories through the stories of others.

Aquatic Photography / Film

From a young age the water has been my absolute favourite place and I’ve always had a special connection to the ocean. I’ve recently combined my love of film and photography with water and enjoy shooting underwater and surfing.


My love of photography quickly progressed to cinematography. I found it exciting to capture the dynamic light and motion of moving pictures.


One of my first creative skills. I learned 35mm photography in high school and developed film and printed photos in the dark room. I will always have a love for how photographs can stop time.

Let’s create some magic.

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